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Reshaping the Business Model


Solutions for Digital Transformation of Business Models

The business model is the heartpiece of any business strategy. Your business model is ripe for leveraging the opportunities identified in the digital landscape, and for adapting to the digital challenges. A clearly formulated new business model is the most effective transmission mechanism towards the digital transformation of your organization.

A business model is very practical: it shows exactly where to focus your efforts towards the digital transformation. Where and how to transform your value proposition. Where and how to transform your value chain. And where and how to transform your way of capturing value for the company.

What is your new digital business model?

VALRESULT is a recognized pioneer in business modeling both for industrial incumbents and for digital startups. We are your practical resource to assist you and your top level team to systematically assess and redefine your way of doing business. 

VALRESULT Project Deliverables:

  • Assessment of current incumbent business model

  • Identification and evaluation of business model changes as per the digital landscape

  • Consensuation and formulation of the new digitally enhanced business model:
    Value Proposition, Value Chain, Value Capture

  • List of consequences and critical implementation projects

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