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Prioritizing the CEO Agenda for Digital


A good look at the digital landscape or existing digital strategy of your company will often reveal the need for a reprioritization of your executive agenda. Changes in the top level project landscape are likely. At the very least, you might need to install a taskforce to deepen the findings of the digital landscape. Or you might ponder to concentrate digital competence in a specific team or person and ask them for guidance. Or you might decide to start a systematic program to develop digitization in your company.

As a CEO, you want to be sure that you apply best practices when you to tackle digitization in your company.

What is your digital CEO agenda?

VALRESULT is your practical resource when it comes to identifying the appropriate management path to digitization. We give you key inputs for focusing your medium-term agenda and connect you to the best practices.

VALRESULT Project Deliverables:


  • Best practice inputs for digital CEO agenda

  • Agenda Review Coaching

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