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Digitizing Business Processes


Without a doubt, one of the most powerful impacts of digitization is on internal and external business processes. Business processes are the key piece when it comes to creating and delivering the value promised to the customer. To re-engineer business processes with digital instruments is a major undertaking. But to be clear: the main skills demanded are not technological. Competences needed are in redesigning processes, in understanding and applying technology towards the good of processes, and in foreseeing necessary changes in know-how and behaviour of your staff.

How to digitize your business processes ?

VALRESULT accumulates decades of business re-engineering experience. Our re-engineering methodology and countless transformation projects focus not only on process effectiveness, but also on resource efficiency. In practice this means that you simultaneously achieve streamlined agile processes and gain from the restructuring and redeployment of resources.

VALRESULT Project Deliverables:

  • Process digitization best practices

  • “Is” process landscape

  • “Target” process landscape

  • Resource reconfiguration

  • Change Management

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