Focus on Industrial Incumbents


VALRESULT is deeply conscious of the needs of our target group, the industrial incumbents.

Industrial incumbents in Europe are hellbent to turn global megatrends and challenges – including digitization -  into opportunities.

To succeed in the age of digitization, management teams need the following:


  • Enough reflection time to focus on the industrial core competences - avoiding distractions.

  • Openness, imagination regarding digital opportunities and threats – a clear vision of possibilities.

  • Down-to-earth “translation work” of leading-edge digital technologies into industrial products, services and processes.

  • Attract “digital native” talents while not losing the dedication of the traditionally skilled collaborators.

  • Digitize their companies with minimized risk, optimum speed and from a customer (outside in) perspective.

  • Confidently assure themselves and prove to their customers that the incumbents - and not their startup challengers – will continue to set the pace in the market.