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Innovating the Value Proposition


Solutions for Digital Transformation of Business Models

The Value Proposition is the customer-focused centerpiece of the business model. Transformation of the business model starts with the value proposition, with the customer journey being the key source of insights to value creation.

It is of paramount importance to get this perspective right, with the right approach to customer insights and a correct understand of technology and social and processual changes. But it is also crucial to transfer such analysis into practical and agile gestation of new businesses, new products and new services. Here, the subject is to apply the best practices in business development, as well as product and service innovation – which itself are enhanced by new digital forms of collaboration. 

What is your new digitized solution, product and service offering?

VALRESULT carries a decade-long experience in catalyzing the innovation of incumbent industrial companies with digital innovations. We are a guarantor that your organization ingests best practices and is enabled to innovate on its own.

VALRESULT Project Deliverables:


  • Best practice transfer

  • Transforming customer insights into digitally enabled and enhanced solutions

  • Business and product development roadmaps

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