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Assessing the Digital Landscape


​For the CEO, it is paramount to correctly assess the compulsions, potentials and challenges of digitization. This is an enormously crucial task that cannot be left to chance. It has to be tackled systematically. And it needs to be done from a number of different perspectives. For instance, it is not enough to assess digitization from a technological or even processual perspective – it is key to assess the digital readiness and the openness to change of the whole organization.
Each perspective needs to come to terms with the reality and the management team has to crystallize the key conclusions.

Where does your organization stand in the digital landscape?

VALRESULT is the CEO's instrument of choice when it comes to systematically chart out the relevant digital landscape and his clients' positions in it. Together with his key executives, we work out the different perspectives and draw keyconclusions. For example, we help you chart the relevant technologies and their impact on the company, or to detect hidden internal digital resistances that need to be overcome.

In each case, you can trust on our experience and our finely tuned networks into the digital world.

VALRESULT Project Deliverables:


  • Perspectives and dimensions of the digital landscape

  • Content from internal and external sources

  • Analysis of compulsions, potentials and challenges in each dimension

  • Map of your digital landscape

  • Summary document

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