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Success Story "VELUX", supplier to the construction market

Success Stories of Digital Transformation

VELUX in Switzerland has been the market leader for roof windows for decades. Over the last years though, the company faced an increasingly tough competition including cheap offers via digital platforms and a raising importance of digital sales and service channels.
With the help of our consultants, VELUX developped a two-fold digitally enabled answer:

First, a focused market offensive called <Protect and Grow>, which builds on deep insights of segment specific customer journeys. A number of well structured and quantified implementation projects was elaborated. Digital sales channels and a webshop for consumer goods were strenghtened in order to complement personal consultative selling to professional business partners.
Second, <OperationsNEXT> streamlines the backoffice organization. The central idea is to digitize repetitive inquiries and standard fulfillment processes. By applying a highly participative methodology, collaborators learn to focus on the more complex issues of their daily operations. The initiative also has a decisive impact on the agility of the organization and the necessary leadership style.

Thanks to this comprehensive approach, VELUX managed to secure and even increase its market share and profit margins significantly.

Business Model Transformation for the Digital Age

Success Story "TSL-ESCHA", Touch - Signal - Light

TSL-ESCHA - an affiliate company of German automation specialist TURCK - is a component supplier to manufacturers of public transport vehicles globally. TSL-ESCHA  launched an ambitious program to boost profitable growth and revitalize the organization.

As a sparring partner for the CEO and the key managers, it was our task to guide a large part of the staff to come up with solutions for a prosperous future. On top of that, in our role as experts outside the organization,  it was at the same time possible and necessary to launch an in-depth discussion about the various impacts of digital on the company.


The results are pivotal. On the one hand, the value proposition is leveraged by digital functionalities which ultimately lead to new services, thus outperforming competition. On the other hand, we supported the leadership team in organizational changes towards more agility and customer orientation.

TSL-ESCHA has demonstrated an impressive two-digit growth rate thanks to a systematic and disciplined implementation of the measures. Resistances to change were minimized because of the deliberate involvement of the staff throughout the project.

Digital Transformation
Digitally enhanced Value Proposition

Success Story "Berghof Automotive Testing"

Berghof Automotive Testing is a leading Germany-based provider of testing solutions for the global automotive industry. The unit is part of Berghof Group, a network of innovative technology businesses centred around process digitization.

Berghof Testing seeked ways to scale and multiply its successful automotive testing projects, with the goal of higher growth rates and better margins. 

Before the transformation, Berghof designed automotive test benches specifically for each customer project, “re-inventing” the testing process and software implementation for each new project.  Analyses showed that 92% of all knowledge could be potentially be re-used from one customer project to the next. The potential of “digitally encapsulating” the process knowledge in reusable software modules was evident.

With our help, Berghof management realized that it had to rebuild its business model from a “project business model” to a digitally enabled “productization business model”.  The key of the new digitized business model is a standard testing process, which is digitally encapsulated in a control box which is sold to customers as a finished customizable branded testbench product (“testbench in a box”).

With the new business model, automotive customers see their end-of-line testing requirements fulfilled much faster and more economically. While it previously took up to six months to get the individual testbench running, the productized testbenches are productive after two weeks. Systematic upgrades to the testing procedures are now possible and beneficial for the whole installed base. 

Getting the new business model implemented was realized through a systematic transformation journey for customers and employees alike. Collaboration was the name of the game here. 

Through digital productization, Berghof has escaped the cyclicity of the project business and entered what it calls the “multipliable intelligence” businesses, accelerating its growth and enhancing its profitability. 


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