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Digital Transformation of Industrial Incumbents


VALRESULT is a Switzerland-based consultancy boutique, focussed on the digital business model transformation of industrial incumbents in Europe. It was founded in 2017 by consulting veterans Stefan Dähler and David Lottenbach

Long seasoned through challenging line management responsibilities earlier in our career,  we have catalyzed over 100 industrial companies to redesign and implement new industrial business models.

Fascinated with and personally involved in the rapid digitization of the world, our heartbeat is with the industrial incumbents. These are typically medium-sized companies which have built amazing success stories around innovative engineering, personal passion for customers and absolute manufacturing savviness.  
It is our deep conviction that these core competencies will not only remain relevant for the digital future, but that they are the very source of future success – in combination with digital, not in competition with digital.


The successful industrial company of the future is not the industrial startup, but the digitally enabled incumbent. The smart and realistic combination of “incumbent” with “digital”– this is how CEOs of industrial companies will see their value grow.

We are specialists in business model transformation for the digital age - all the way from awareness to valuation results. VALRESULT's mission is to support incumbent industrial companies to reach their inherent value potentials in the digital age.

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