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Adapt Your Business Model along Digital Use Cases


We guide you to ADAPT your business model along digital use cases. 

Once you know the digital potentials, realize them through your business model.
Transform it systematically, value driver by value driver, guided by practical digital use cases. Turn your business model into a compelling value source.

The business model is an analytical representation of how your company creates value. At the core of business models are value mechanisms such as economies of scale, first mover advantages, customer intimacy, network economies and many more. The success of many industrial incumbents lies in the design and execution of a business model that is fundamentally superior versus competition.  They have a superior value proposition for the customer. A more effective value chain. And they are better able to capture the created value for their company’s benefit.


Our experience confirms that digitization is a phenomenal opportunity to enhance all three areas of superiority - value proposition, value chain and value capture:
It is all about creating the right digital use cases. Taking customer intimacy to a new level through digital workflows and data insights. Increased customer’s willingness to pay through digitally featured products, digitally enhanced services and predictive or even prescriptive maintenance. Platform economies and product interoperability through uniform data models. New positions in the value chain through distributed manufacturing. Increased value capture through insight-driven pricing algorithms and big data analytics.

Combining digital improvements and engraining them seamlessly in an adapted, digitally enabled business model makes all the difference for success.

With our systematic approach to business models and digital use cases, VALRESULT works as a catalyst for the digital transformation of your industrial business model.

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