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How does Valresult assist in the formation and steering of capital market expectations?
Valresult has long experience in leveraging previously undetected values in the company's business model and to make them visible in the valuation paradigm.

The executive boards are put into a position  to persuade investors to invest in the company's stock. 

Together with the executive committee,  Valresult develops a compelling company-specific equity story which convinces the capital market. 
Valresult supports you in the formulation of concrete and quantified value goals. Towards this task, Valresult develops the value-enhancing growth story of the company .
We work out the competitive advantages relative to the industry benchmarks. We identify the factors which make our client the most attractive investment within its industry sector. Valresult coaches the management with regards to optimizing market expectations and canalizes these expectations - also in cases where these expectations have created their own dynamics or seem unattainable.

Valresult helps you towards overcoming an inward-looking capital market perspective.
Towards this objective we analyze the relative profit and cash flow  performance of the company relative to industry peers or the stars of the capital market.
We formulate what can be learnt for the own company. Valresult lets you know the relevant industry analysts and investor groups and segments the global elite of the potential investors according to size, investment style and region. Through our role as independent advisers we can bridge the gap between the operative profit focus of your management and the exploration and implementation of superior earnings potentials.  

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