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1. We identify achievable leaps in value and valuation and align the company-internal ambitions.

One of our core competencies consists of identifying and enabling realistic value increases - ahead of time and in dimensions that surpass the mental patterns anchored in managment. Together with your management we make sure that we recognize the structural disruptions in the markets. Together, we also  identify the resulting disruptive new business models. We then translate these chances proactively into effective value levers. 
To give an example: Our transformation of a product business model plagued by overcapacity and commoditized prices into a solution business model resulted in a five-fold increase of the operational margin.

We orchestrate the systemic involvement of all relevant players with the goal of an optimized valuation and fair risks.

2. We assure the implementation of the value and valuation increases and thus reduce the risks of the stakeholders.

We develop realistic value enhancement scenarios and underlay them with the necessary transformation of the business model - on the basis of our industry know how and the deep penetration of the new business model together with your management. We orchestrate the systemic involvement of all relevant players (markets, customers, employees, competitors, owners, capital markets) with the goal of an optimized valuation and fair risks.

3. We realize the quantum leaps by embracing a global and industry-overarching perspective and by assessing organic and anorganic growth options.

Ensuring the necessary capital arrangements - be they IPOs, Private Equity, or other forms - is an integral part of our value proposition. We steer and accelerate the implementation through closely managed value streams working directly on the value drivers of the business model.

4. We develop credible value creation stories and support the objective-oriented capital market communication, thus altering the valuation paradigm in a sustainable way.

You can count on our implementation strength through our high-level line management experience and through our closely knit network of highly performing specialists.

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